Air cooled / Scroll / R407C / Condensing unit

Capacity range: 210kW ... 588kW

Direct expansion condensing unit for connection to AHU's

Condensing unit - outdoor large R407C (210kW...588kW)

The SPINchiller series presents a new concept of condensing unit offering:

EFFICIENCY that increases as the heating load decreases, while guaranteeing maximum requested load when necessary. SPINchiller always ensures maximum comfort with very high efficiency and consequently considerable energy savings;

CUSTOMISATION of the unit with the ECOBreeze accessory, which enhances the qualities of flexibility and energy efficiency;

EASE OF INSTALLATION connection to the service system plus a simple control system and easy maintenance drastically reduce work requiring specialised personnel with consequent reduction in installation costs;

APPLICATIONS of the unit, also for special requirements both in the civil and technological air-conditioning sphere, thanks to the many available optional accessories.

The innovative and hi-tech features of SPINchiller give this series a much higher quality than can generally be found on the market today. MSAT-SC is a condensing unit series for use together with a remote evaporating section.

Large air cooled fluid chiller clivet


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