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Our HVAC Eurovent “A class” equipment meets and exceeds MEPS and BCA energy efficiency requirements. Our chillers with varied methods of capacity control from highest efficiency DC Brushless compressors, slider valve economized screw compressor and uneven stepped control scroll compressors. Our equipment can also be integrated with a wide range of industry leading proven energy saving devices such as free-cooling, heat recovery, simultaneous heating/cooling and EC head pressure management. Overall Cold Magic Australia offer a wide range of solutions to empower client side energy savings.


We use only the highest quality products from proven suppliers on a global scale. Our standard chillers, packaged AC, terminal units & condensing units come from CLIVET and are 100% produced in Italy. Our custom equipment is produced in Cold Magic China a high quality exporter and OEM for HVAC and specialist systems. 

Quality Assurance

Meeting the quality requirements of our clients is a primary goal of Cold Magic Australia. We strive to ensure we will be renowned for our quality, cost effectiveness, and overall professional representation for all our products. Our commitment and capability in quality management is assured.

Mission Statement

Our core commitment to our business and customers is to remain at the forefront of innovation while remaining simple to understand, clear to apply and most importantly cost effective to maintain. 

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