Energy Recovery


Energy recovery "Clivet style" offers many advantages when compared to systems in today's market, in the form of thermodynamic energy recovery this is able to achieve high energy recovery throughout 100% of the year and not only when large temperature differences from ambient to conditioned space exist. Energy recovery is available on our dedicate fresh air systems, chillers(see chiller section) and packaged AC equipment (see packaged AC). This section focuses on energy recovery via fresh air treatment which is where we believe it has the most merit. Click to see our energy recovery products


Air cooled / Scroll / R410A / Reverse cycle AC 

Capacity range:

Cooling 10kW ... 95kW

Heating 6kW .. 55kW

Airflow range: 1300m3/h (361 l/s) ... 12,000m3/h (3333 l/s) 

Reverse cycle fresh air treatment units

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