We're proud of our success and at times like to show it off. To find out more about our projects completed and what made them tick choose from the below samples. If you have a specific project or application and don't see a reference we kindly ask you don't give us so quickly and call one of our product specialists to see how we can help and what expertise we have to meet your needs. 

Winery glycol chiller

Located in McLaren Vale Adelaide this 137kW glycol chiller was optimized for rapid low cost installation. Even within this compact footprint the product is fitted with twin screw compressors for high efficiency and secure performance. 

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City compact HVAC

This inner city Melbourne low rise building had a modest 220kW cooling demand. The site was serviced by 1 central chiller mounted between existing concrete plinths. The Cold Magic chiller + custom base frame solution facilitated reduced site work for the contractor.    

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