Chilled water / Hot water / Electric / Ceiling mount

Capacity range: 2kW ... 11kW

Cased, Cassette, 2&4 pipe indoor terminal units.

Small-medium sized cassette terminal ceiling hung units (1.9kW...11.0kW).

The ELFOSpace BOX2 terminal unit has been designed for installation in suspended ceilings without requiring any extra part for operation. The unit has an intake grille and four-way outlet with adjustable diffuser flaps for changing airflow direction.

The ELFOSpace BOX2 is therefore suited for use in environments such as shops, restaurants, hotels and gyms, where the excellent outflowing air control makes them ideal air-conditioning units: 

VERSIONS: for 2 and 4-pipe systems; 

CONTROLS in electro-mechanical or electronic version with set-up for connection to ELFOControl² or general supervisors;

FANS with DC Brushless ventilating unit;

suited for installation in standard suspended ceilings with 600 x 600 mm module (1.9kW..5.0kW models);

CONDENSATE PUMP the unit comes with a condensate drain pump (650 mm vertical).

cassette mount unit


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Operating manuals, wiring diagrams & software program guides are provided on sale of goods.