Air cooled / Ducted / R410A / Chiller 

Capacity range: 36kW ... 102kW

Liquid chillers of the ElfoEnergy duct medium range, ideal for the medium-scale commercial sector who want hidden ducted units, are specifically designed for indoor installation

ELFOEnergy Duct Medium water chillers and heat pumps are indoor units with ducted condensation.

Thanks to his special design ELFOEnergy Duct Medium main features are:

VERSATILITY: different combinations of inlet and outlet plug fans enable to connect easily the unit to the air ducts and to have high available head;

HIGH ENERGY EFFICIENCY: ELFOEnergy Duct Medium besides being in Eurovent efficiency class A at full load grants high seasonal power efficiency thanks to the innovative cooling circuit optimized for partial load operation and the DST (Dynamic Supply Temperature) return control logic;

EASY INSTALLATION: the units are very compact and are supplied on request with high efficiency pumps on board; therefore the available space for other purposes is increased and the installations costs are reduced.

Small air cooled fluid chiller clivet


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Operating manuals, wiring diagrams & software program guides are provided on sale of goods.