Is bigger better? In this case… Yes. Large packaged air conditioning systems for standard applications can represent the best value for money and offer rapid installations with inbuilt factory testing controls ready to go. 

Clivet packaged AC imagry   Typical Clivet large packaged AC system

While Air Handling Units (AHUs) offer flexibility, Packaged units offer economy and are the perfect solution for large low rise buildings where units can be mounted on rooftops.

It’s simple to see why large packaged systems are economic:

  • Reduced on site work, 1 product crane & install over many
  • No site hydronic or refrigeration connections, only duct connections
  • Proven factory tested designs and reduced project engineering
  • Incorporated with PLC controls, no site custom controls & wiring
  • Available with BMS connections
  • Standard documentation
  • Available for cooling and reverse cycle heat pumps (no boilers required for heating)
  • Optional free-cooling
  • Optional Thermodynamic Energy Recovery
  • Optional CO2 sensors with fresh air control

Clivet THOR vs Air to Air heat exchange

---THOR VS Air to Air heat exchangers---

Large packaged systems are available in (4) configurations:

Clivet packaged equipment details  

---SA=Supply Air, OA=Outside Air, RA=Return Air, EA=Exhaust Air---

Available in (6) different air flow configurations for further reduced site work:

Clivet packaged units connections

These systems are well suited to:

  • Factory outlets
  • Warehouse sales outlets
  • Shopping malls


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