Better use of capital equipment spending & better use of energy is often more than just about higher efficiency single scoped products. Multi-function 4-pipe heat pumps are modern and combine 2 pieces of equipment in one. Chiller + boiler = Multi-function 4 pipe heat pump. 

For those who are not aware of this relatively new technology a brief understanding of the refrigeration system is required. The basic refrigeration system where a compressor compressors gas and condenses the hot compressed gas to liquid (hot side-Typical 45..50oC) and then expands the same gas (cold side-Typical 2.0..3.0oC). Chillers use the cold side of this process to chill water from 12oC to 7oC and heat pumps water from 40oC to 50oC for heating. In cooling mode the heat is rejected in a wasteful manner to the ambient and likewise if used for heating the cold is wasted.

The standard model for heating and cooling commercial buildings uses a chiller and a separate gas fired boiler usually hotter at 60oC to 80oC for heating and cooling. This hence requires 2 separate pieces of equipment and controls. New modern buildings and modern system design can make use of multi-function 4 pipe heat pumps.

Multi-function heat pumps have additional heat exchangers and intelligent controls and can make use of waste heat and produce heating and cooling at the same time and independently*. Most cities in Australia spend a solid portion of the time in neither peak heating or cooling conditions meaning for extended periods the buildings can demand simultaneous heating and cooling. (or northern cities cooling with dehumidification and reheat). In these conditions Multi-function heat pumps can deliver both cooling and capture waste heat resulting in far higher than normal efficiency.

Clivet multifunction heat pump 4 pipe 

---Typical month VS heating or cooling load---

---Note a large portion of the year needs both heating and cooling---


As with all products the designer and building owner should understand if they need simultaneous heating and cooling as increased product cost should be justified. This can easily be performed using information about your location and building layout.

The Muti-function heat pump operation can be described by these diagrams:


---Heat&Cooling no waste---                                              ---100% cooling,Heat to ambient---                           ---100% heating, cool to ambient---


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*Caution when cooling heat can be produced independently up to the cooling quantity, when predominantly heating cooling is produced via staging and cannot be produced and ramp up independently.