Today the trend in the market is to focus on tight capacity control of systems of all kind to achieve the goal of reduced energy consumption and improved efficiency and secondly a focus on tight temperature control for improved comfort or more stable process cooling. 

The first has led to an onslaught of focus and adaptation of small household systems and large commercial systems to operate on Variable Speed Drives (VSDs), medium sized commercial chillers however largely missed out on this improvement but they often need it more than larger systems.

Small-medium sized commercial chillers (5..80kW) are often connected to only a few cooling points (1..5) and have small thermal mass (water volume) and would be adversely affected with rapidly changing water temperatures possible with conventional on/off chiller systems. In using VSDs in this application the chiller can regulate capacity to match system requirements and provide the end client with reduced system cycling.  

The Clivet solution is to here with chiller from 4..85kW available with variable speed drives.

The product series:

  • ·         ElfoEnergy Inverter 4..50kW
  • ·         ElfoEnergy Magnum 50kW..84kW

Some of the key features of these systems & their benefits are:

  • ·         Variable speed compressors 30%-100%
  • ·         Variable speed condenser fans to match compressor output
  • ·         Advanced PLC to manage output
  • ·         Large condensers with ability to operate at high ambient temperatures
  • ·         Optional variable speed water pumps

These systems are well suited to:

  • ·         Small office buildings
  • ·         Aged care facilities
  • ·         Dental facilities
  • ·         Laboratories
  • ·         1-1 AHU connections

Clivet small inverter chiller VSDClivet chiller medium inverter scroll


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