Reverse Cycle AC


Medium-Large sized packaged reverse cycle AC on R410A for 73kW..376kW. The packaged heat pumps of the CSRN-XHE2 and CSRN-XHE2 series are the technological evolution of Rooftop units developed by Clivet for air conditioning applications. Featuring unique design, economy cycles, optional energy recovery devices and various panel insulation types. These high quality products represent a new high in quality and efficiency. Click here to see our reverse cycle packs


Air cooled / Scroll / R410A / Packaged AC

Capacity range:

Cooling 49kW ... 376kW

Heating 48kW .. 350kW

Airflow range: 8500m3/h (2,360 l/s) ... 60,000m3/h (16,650 l/s) 

Cooling only packaged Air Conditioning units 

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