• 1 Thermodynamic Energy Recovery & THOR? Big words, simple solution
  • 2 Advanced Mini Chillers by Clivet - Comfort and control
  • 3 Large packaged AC packs - Up to 376kW - $-Savers
  • 4 Screw / Scroll / VSD / Magnetic bearing - which is best?
  • 5 AHU+DX Pack - The perfect combination
  • 6 Winery chillers - The right products for your next project
  • 7 Multi-function 4 pipe heat pumps explained! Upgrade approach
  • 8 Ducted chillers - solutions for limited space & noise levels
  • 9 Standard VS Custom chiller solutions
  • Energy recovery
  • Heatpump VS Boiler

Reduce the cost of fresh air better than ever before

imageZEPHIR3 delivers fresh air treatment directly where its needed. Combined with thermodynamic energy recovery it can deliver large reductions in energy costs. It doesn't require connection to chillers or boilers further reducing hidden power losses and simplifying site installation works. It extracts stale air and purifies outdoor air through the high efficiency electronic filters(option), effective against nano-particles, PM10, bacteria and pollen.

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Improve your buildings efficiency by using Heat Pump technology

imageThe majority of Australian commercial buildings still turn to conventional low cost boilers to satisfy building heating. While capital costs must always be considered modern high efficiency heat pumps offer proven payback periods and stable operation. Their use is accelerating around the world and should be considered as relevant in today's modern buildings.

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